I Work and You Drink

First passenger I picked up was Alexandria and she was on the phone the entire ride. I assumed from the tone of the call that she was speaking to her boyfriend or husband. "I'm tired because I work a lot. You're tired because you're hungover. There's a difference."

When we arrived at the apartment complex, the app was done giving me directions. So I asked her to direct me. "Your app is telling you to go left," she said in a slightly annoyed tone. My instinct was to tell her to look again because the app was telling me to drive directly into the clubhouse. That would have been bad. But I just waited for her to realize it on her own, which she did. Glad that was a quick trip.

Sarasota Slim

Kevin is a pilot (I'd guess early 60s) for a major airline in the U.S. who lives in Sarasota, Florida. Along for the ride were his wife and two daughters. They expressed how lucky they felt that both of their homes were not damaged from Hurricane Irma. I lived in Tampa from 1991-2001 and have great memories of my visits to Sarasota, so we talked about that. And then out of nowhere, he mentioned that "Trump is an idiot. If you heard of a restaurant where there was a 36% chance of it having good food, would you go?" He was referencing Trump's low approval rate.

Since he was a pilot, I had to ask:

Me: Have you ever seen anything unexplainable in all of your years of flying?

Kevin: Would you be talking about the UFO that followed me for several miles?

Me: Yes! That really happened?

Kevin: No.

He laughed at pulling one over on me. But he did share a story of pilot friend of his who claimed to have had a glowing orb follow him as he flew a commercial jet. Kevin laughed it off and believed that it was just a misidentification.

I Know When People Are Going to Die

Kelli has been a nurse since 2009 and she travels around the country working at different hospitals. She's spent time in Phoenix, Orlando and now Las Vegas. Next up for her is a Native American reservation two hours from Spokane, Washington. She knows it will be a totally different experience than Vegas. Since she has worked in ICU, I knew that she might have some stories to share. So I asked:

Me: So, one of my hobbies is the paranormal. Life after death and all that stuff. And since you're a nurse, I have to ask: In all of your years of being a nurse, have you seen anything odd as a patient passed away?

(Before I could even finish my sentence, she jumped in.)

Kelli: I know when people are going to die.

Me: Like, their breathing starts to change? That kind of stuff?

Kelli: No. It's a feeling I get. Intuition, if you will. I just know. I was working with a patient and it was September 7th. I told my colleagues that he was going to die on September 9th. I just had that feeling. They all disagreed with me and thought I was crazy because the man showed no signs of being close to death. He was still eating and my colleagues all pointed that out. But I stood by my prediction. And then, on September 9th, he was gone. It wasn't the first time I had something like that happen.

Me: Any other premonitions?

Kelli: My sister-in-law was leaving to go run errands. I had a strong feeling that she was going to have an accident but nothing too bad. A few minutes after she left, she ran back inside and told me that she had hit a log that was on the side of the road and it did some damage to the car.

For the rest of the drive, I shared as much of my knowledge of the paranormal with her that I could. I told her about our government's program where they used psychics to spy on our adversaries. It's called remote viewing and I told her to Google "Project Stargate." She had never heard of it before but was interested in finding out more. 

She asked me if I had any experiences of my own. I told her about my premonition with a patient I had spent time volunteering with at the Northport Veteran's Medical Center back in 2001. Frank was his name and he had emphysema. For the three months I spent time with him, he always looked the same. One some days, he couldn't speak without getting out of breath so I would just sit there and keep him company. But his condition never worsened to the point where I thought he was close to death.

One night, I had a dream that he had passed away. It was a very clear dream and I wondered if it was about to come true. The very next day, I went in to see him and one of the nurses stopped me. 

Nurse: Are you going to see Frank?

Me: Yes.

Nurse: Ummm... (She gave me one of those looks)

Me: Let me guess. Frank passed away?

Nurse: Yes. I'm sorry. How did you know?

Me: I had a dream about it last night.

So, as the trip ended with Kelli, we both thanked each other for sharing our stories and I drove away. It was a good night.


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