English Tie Picked up a young guy from Thailand named "Narin" to drop him off at his Airbnb. He was a customer service rep. and was sent by his company to study English in Boston for a year. With only a few months left in his studies, he decided to fly from Boston to Vegas for a mini-vacation. He was very talkative and seemed to be proud of his English, which he spoke without any issues. Although every now and then, I had a hard time deciphering various words because of his accent. I would have to ask him to repeat himself until I figured it out. He never got frustrated or seemed to mind having to say a certain word over and over until it clicked in my head. Unfortunately, his Airbnb was not in a great area of town and a bit of a drive from The Strip. As we drove towards his destination, I asked him if he had known it was this far out of the way when he booked it. He had not. He said that the neighborhood was very quiet and he liked his Airbnb host very much. I would have
The Color of Love I picked up Twila in the late afternoon to drop her off at work. She was an older woman (late 50s/early 60s) and very friendly. As soon as she heard about my interest in the paranormal and story telling, she began to speak about her own experiences. "I have lots of stories," she said. But unfortunately, it was only a fifteen-minute, ride. The first aspect of what she shared is sad and not really paranormal. But it fits in with what she told me later. In a five-year period, Twlia lost five people who were dear to her. The three she mentioned were her father, her daughter-in-law (Teri) and a cousin. Her dad died from emphysema and most of the others passed on from cancer. Out of all of these deaths, losing Teri was the toughest as they were very close. One day at work, a co-worker who she was not close with and with whom she had not shared any of these stories with, approached her. "I know this is going to sound strange but I want to share something
I Work and You Drink First passenger I picked up was Alexandria and she was on the phone the entire ride. I assumed from the tone of the call that she was speaking to her boyfriend or husband. "I'm tired because I work a lot. You're tired because you're hungover. There's a difference." When we arrived at the apartment complex, the app was done giving me directions. So I asked her to direct me. "Your app is telling you to go left," she said in a slightly annoyed tone. My instinct was to tell her to look again because the app was telling me to drive directly into the clubhouse. That would have been bad. But I just waited for her to realize it on her own, which she did. Glad that was a quick trip. Sarasota Slim Kevin is a pilot (I'd guess early 60s) for a major airline in the U.S. who lives in Sarasota, Florida. Along for the ride were his wife and two daughters. They expressed how lucky they felt that both of their homes were not damaged fr
Reefer Madness A few nights ago at 2am, I picked up Pedro from a casino off the strip. He plays keyboard in a local reggae band and had a decent amount of equipment for us to load up. He lives in a part of Vegas that I never knew existed, deep in the outer limits of the southwest part of the city. As we drove past this unfamiliar territory, it was if we'd entered a worm hole and somehow wound up in the suburbs of another part of the country. It felt very Twilight Zonish to me. Pedro and I immediately hit it off and started talking about his past relationships. Mainly, his first and now former wife. He was "young and stupid" when he married her and things took a turn for the worse when they started smoking pot together. When she smoked, she was a different person and acted like a twelve-year old. This strange behavior continued even after she stopped smoking and wasn't high any more. It was as if someone else had taken over her body like in the film, "Invasion